Sunday, November 1, 2009


I asked you, am I pretty.. U said no...
I asked you, am I in your heart.. U said no...
I asked you, do u like me?? U said no...
And... I asked you, will u cry if I walk away.. U still said no..
So.... I walked away....
U grabbed my arm.. and you said..
" You're not pretty, But you're beautiful..."
" You're not in my heart, But You're my heart.."
" Yes, I'm not like you... But I love you... "
"and.. I will not cry If you walk away... But.. I will die... "

- I'm not love someone I love... But I love to love someone, who love me so much...-

Never say i love you... if you don't really care...
Never talk about feeling.. if they aren't really there...
Never touch a life.... if you mean to break a heart...
Never say you're going to... if you don't plan to start.....
Never look me in the eyes... when all you do is lie.
And never say hello.... if you really mean good- bye...

-Ur star scared if u're not truly love her because of herself but love her because of u pity with her life... She don't need someone to be pity of her.. n she scared u love her juz at beginning of this journey of love..but at the end..... can't hear word 'love' anymore..... (T_T)


Wanna to say sorry... Coz I'm not good person as what u think.. I'm juz ordinary person.. With a lots of mistakes.. Juz love me a little not too much.. coz I don't want u to be sad if we're not meant to be together... Thanks for love me soo much... =)
I'm scared to be hurt and hurt someone.. I'm not good enough for you... but I'm always try to be good person.. A lots of bad things about myself.. kuat ngis, kuat merajuk, very sensitive person, kuat jeles (maybe u dunno..=) juz wait n c.. haha..) ska shopping, sgt mengada (dgn org yg rapat je), xpandai masak, demand ( but.. more to myself maybe.. =P ) cpt marah, mood swing, love to hear songs whit full of sadness and love (lyrics best, coz related to my life.. sound like poyo je..huu) love to be bad person infront of my family (huu.. ).. When I mention about home, cats and wanna to go far away.. dat's mean I'm in vulnerable..(cma kdg2 xtaw nk ckp ape yg sedey), sometimes, i will cry without any reason( tp, penah bace buku psikologi, klu ngis tnpa sbb, bermakna seorang yang suka pendam.. hmm.. maybe.. ) Whatever about me, I juz wanna be me.. =)

-If you're really love someone, juz love her/him to be what they want... and never try to change them to be what u want.. if u do, it's mean u juz love ur shadow not of themselves...-

Truly i said, I can't lie myself to stop thinking about you... I love you too.. Coz of u always make me smile n coz u love me soo much.. U never make me cry (tp..ngis sbb kna usik ade la.. sgt noty... huu.. ).. I love you... But, if one day u find another star, which better than me.. Pliz... choose her.. least let me know.. =) I'm saying like that, not because i'm not love u... I do love you.. Love you so much... But I realize who am I to change our faith.. I still findin' myself and I know who am I.. I don't want to force you to love me forever... because I'm not anyone for u... I'm juz ur..... ( don't want to mention it... maluuu.... huuu... sbb Mr. Star xpenah propose pun.. =P heee... )

Arini.. Mr. STAR dgr star ngis sbb rndukn family... erm.. cmtu la klu bintg rndu kn org yg dier syg.. One day you will hear ur star cry like that n said she miss u.. hee...( dak gembeng.. ) Sory.. sbb kna layan dak gembeng...huuu..

Erm.. kn bintg kmu dh merepek bkn2... huuu.... pape pun.. juz wanna to say I will never forget u.. coz.. U already enter my heart n ur name is already there... I love u so much.. =)

(for sure, lpas amir bace nie, kna mrh.. sbb tido sgt lmbt... huu.. sowi... org xleh tito la... sbb tu la mrepek nie... cyg amir.. jgn mrh.. nnti xsweet... =P heee...

(Amir & Amirah)


  1. haaa..nampak2!! berputik sudah...hahaha..wish u both all the best and happy forever.. yeah!! im happy for u..:)

  2. huhu...korng punya mulut msin lor..smlm..huhuhu

  3. OMG!!!
    i cud trace the girl mase bc ayat2 tuh...
    i noe dat was her...
    n it's really her!!
    pray dat there will always jodoh btween both of you...wish u happy 4ever
    the pitca is soooo sweet

  4. amir, sudah berkongsi blog kah?? hehe

  5. cindir-rela- amir xkongsi blog pun... erm,amir curi nukilan nie dri fb.. pastu paste kat blog dier.. sje nk memenuhkan blog dier jer... =P

  6. mcm ku kenal je budak anon nih

  7. raudhah-kamu kenal ke dak anon nie??? hehehehe... =P

  8. haaa.anonymous ni mesti cik amirah kan?? hak3